Go-To-Market Strategist: Your Guide to Product-Market Fit

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The Ultimate Go-To-Market Toolkit: From Strategy to Profit

Get an actionable step-by-step strategy with proven fill-in templates and examples that will speed up reaching your product-market fit and enable profitable traction.


My eBook has helped more than 6500 business owners plan & execute their GTM strategy.

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Go-To-Market Made Simple

The Main Benefits You'll Enjoy
Understand your market better than ever:
Find opportunities where you will most likely win. Do that little by little - using a Beachhead Strategy, winning one segment at the time.
Find initial customers that are willing to pay:
CP framework will help you get off the ground, show reasonable traction, and chase ideal customers later.
Pinpoint the perfect price:
They might say they love it, but will they pay for it? Move beyond guessing games like surveys and discover proven methods to accurately determine what customers are truly willing to pay.
Get clarity on your main acquisition channel:
You'll get a better understanding of where your customer spends their time and how to create sustainable growth.
Become faster at iterating and getting feedback:
Most startups have 3-18 months of "lifeline" to make it or break it. You'll get all the strategy and tools you need to drastically increase your chance of succeeding.

Not achieving product-market-fit is the biggest mistake a business can make

Are you frustrated by pouring effort and resources into your product only to see minimal traction in the market?

Do you sit there, questioning what it will take to make your product resonate with your audience and truly meet their needs?

You're certainly not in this struggle alone. Many entrepreneurs and product developers notice their products failing to capture the market's attention and realize that a strategic pivot is necessary.

The most successful products don't just happen by chance. They achieve Product-Market Fit.

And Product-Market-Fit has been the single most crucial, yet often neglected, element I've observed in my experience as a growth advisor.

Below are the reasons why that happens...

Here's why over 90% of companies fail to get through the Go-To-Market phase

"Spray and Pray":
A high-risk, low-reward approach that can be detrimental. Failing to deeply understand the market and not finding the right opportunities as advised in the Beachhead Strategy can lead companies to target the wrong segments or enter overly competitive arenas without a winning edge.
Poor Pricing Strategies:
As pricing is a key mechanism for value exchange, companies often misalign their pricing with the value perceived by users, resulting in either undercharging and leaving money on the table or overpricing and losing potential customers.
Weak Positioning:
Not effectively controlling the story around their product or failing to differentiate their messaging for the target audience can result in a lack of standout presence in the market.
Ignoring Early Customer Profiles:
Companies often target their ideal customers too early without securing wins with more attainable customer profiles first, leading to struggles in gaining initial market traction.
Not building GTM systems:
Without a systematic approach, companies struggle to consistently reach the right customers and scale effectively, resulting in unpredictable growth patterns and challenges in achieving market penetration.
Matrix and graph representing the great improvements in GTM when the GTM strategist is used

Here's what most successful businesses do right:

Using the Beachhead Strategy:
Successfully applying lessons from special ops to develop strategic prowess and guerrilla-style tactics. This enables businesses to concentrate their resources effectively, establish a strong market presence quickly, and build momentum that paves the way for broader market adoption.
Effective Pricing Models:
Understanding and implementing diverse pricing strategies that capture the value created by their products leads to sustainable business models and revenue growth.
Strong Product Positioning:
Excelling in positioning their products effectively in the market ensures that they control the narrative and stand out to their target audience.
Focus on Growth Channels:
By learning and applying the seven proven-to-work channels for GTM companies, successful businesses build a sustainable and scalable customer acquisition engine.
Rapid Product Development and Feedback Loops:
Implementing rapid testing of UVPs and MVPs and learning from real-world data enables companies to iterate quickly and align their products closely with market needs.

Focus on what's mission-critical

You don't want to wait 14 years to become profitable (that's how long it took Uber).

Time is of the essence in the startup world, and making strategic, impactful decisions quickly is crucial.

The GTM Strategist is your step-by-step guide to embracing the mindset of 'You can do anything, but not everything.'

It's about focusing your efforts where they count, streamlining your path to success.

Discover how to achieve product-market fit and develop a sustainable business model, whether you're bootstrapping or seeking investment, all within 3 to 18 months.

Let's simplify your journey to success.

The Ultimate Go-To-Market Blueprint

Step-by-Step: From Idea to a successful launch
  • A well-researched holistic guide through every element you need for a successful GTM strategy: from market research to pricing, positioning, and beyond.
  • 135 practical frameworks and key insights from interviewing 100+ industry experts
  • Practical step-by-step examples and advice from growth experts at companies such as: Amplitude, Miro, Google, Paddle, Hubspot, Figma, MongoDB, The Predictive Index, CXL, Zebra BI, and many others.
GTM Blueprint Bundle

Packed with 350 pages of actionable advice and practical examples

Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Go-to-Market Strategy (GTM)

How to use lessons from special ops to develop the strategic muscle and punching power to succeed when going to market. We play to win guerilla-style, and our objectives drive us.

Chapter 2


How to understand your market better than ever and find opportunities where you will most likely win. We do that little by little - using a Beachhead Strategy - winning one beach at a time.

Chapter 3

Early Customer Profile

The book will help you become laser-focused on NOT your ideal customer, but the one you can actually win in the first 3 to 18 months. This will help you get off the ground, show reasonable traction, and chase ideal customers later.

Chapter 4


How to develop rapid feedback loops MUCH faster by testing unique value propositions (UVPs), minimal viable products (MVPs), and get your analytics stack to learn from what actually happens when you test these assumptions.

Chapter 5


The users may love the product, but will they pay for it? This is one of the most challenging elements for founders. All other GTM elements spend your money. Pricing makes it back. Pricing is just a mechanism of capturing and exchanging value that your product creates. In this chapter, you'll learn about the different pricing strategies that build a sustainable business model.

Chapter 6


Covers how to effectively position your product in the market to control the narrative, including a step-by-step positioning process, and special considerations for messaging tailored to your target audience to ensure your product stands out. It is not just what you say. It is how you say it. And you'll learn exactly how inside this book.

Chapter 7


You'll learn the seven proven-to-work channels for GTM companies that are most likely to get the critical mass of traction. This will show you exactly where to find users and the most sustainable way to build a healthy and predictable acquisition engine and scale it with virality and other growth loops.

Chapter 8

GTM System

How to bring the process to life so you can start scaling - to go from early adopters to early majority effectively. You'll find out exactly how to cross the chasm where 95% of innovations fail, and you'll see exactly how to get your company in shape for the growth stage.

Here is a sneak peak

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Video and Workshop Templates

Fast Start Video Training

Dive into the essence of a successful product product launch with my Fast Start Video Training. This concise training provides essential strategies and insights to effectively bring your product to market, tailored for founders and product managers looking for a quick yet impactful start.

Market Problem Map Fill-out Template

This template simplifies understanding market needs and finding where to grow. It will guide your team alignment, strategy, and customer insights. You will be able to clearly define customer groups, spot their key issues, and rank these challenges in order of importance. It comes with a short explainer video to make it even easier to implement. It's iterative, adapting as you learn more about your market, helping you constantly unlock new market insights.

Positioning Fill-out Framework

Fill out this framework, and you'll end up with a fully developed positioning plan tailored to reach your product-market fit. This step-by-step framework will walk you through identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), differentiating your product, and honing your value proposition and unique selling points. Not only that, it will assist with practical implementation strategies for your fresh positioning. You will see growth user acquisition and sales, higher conversion rates, and more traction.

Community-Led Growth Fill-out Canvas

Drawing from my experience in building eight 10K+ member communities, I've crafted a comprehensive canvas that guides you through choosing the right platform, fostering engagement, and monetizing effectively. It's a perfect tool to cultivate a thriving community. The canvas offers actionable tactics tested for quick wins - imagine reaching 1,000 members in just 30 days.

100-Step Go-To-Market


To help you put the knowledge from the book into practice, I prepared a 100-Step Checklist in Notion and Google Sheets. It was battle-tested by companies I work with, and now it's available to everyone.

Follow the steps in this checklist to reach product-market-fit fast.
The checklist is applicable to SaaS, B2B and B2C businesses.

Each of the 100 tasks is described in detail. Most of them have attached how-to guides, examples, templates, videos, as well as links to best practices and other resources.

How is the GTM strategist method different?

Other Books

Advice from outliers and unicorns with millions in funding

"Oh you need to reach PMF first"

Theoretical advice and fluff

Author's endless self-praise

GTM Strategist

Advice for small, everyday startups

"Here's everything you need to reach PMF"

Practical & actionable frameworks. No-BS advice.

A system that is about you and for you

Here's what successful founders say about the GTM Strategist

  • A must-read for every founder

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Most growth books are written by founders on how they did it 10 years ago. This book is one of the only modern sources on how to crack your go-to-market strategy in our new and fast world.As a 2nd time founder, this book is awesome and will save you a lot of time.Only the best win: This book is a must-read for every founder.

    -- Daniel B.

  • This should be a mandatory read for every marketer or innovator.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Go-To Market Strategist by Maja Voje is an amazing book for anyone who wants to understand growth strategies and product market fit. She rightly deserves her reputation as one of the top 1% professionals in the field of growth, and this book is a testament to it.This field guide distils fifteen years of practical experience across different industries into highly practical resource – Go-To-Market Strategist. The unique trait of this book is its unwavering dedication to offering readers a solid no-cutting corners path to success in fierce business environment.What I loved about Maja's book is its great organization and formatting. As a reader who frequently highlights key points and takeaways, I really appreciated the thought and effort she put into structuring the content. Maja has essentially done the heavy lifting for us, making it incredibly easy to navigate and digest, I finished it in an afternoon by the pool (and normally I don't read very fast).But what truly sets "Go-To-Market Strategist" apart is its focus on delivering a comprehensive, step-by-step process that can be plugged into any business. This is not a book filled with vague theories or abstract concepts; it's a practical guide that empowers entrepreneurs and professionals alike with actionable strategies and tactics to drive growth and achieve product-market fit.In conclusion, I REALLY recommend "Go-To-Market Strategist" to anyone seeking a reliable roadmap to success in the world of business. Her experience, dedication to detail, and commitment to providing a comprehensive framework make this book an invaluable resource for those looking to excel in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your existing strategies, this book should be mandatory in any company or business school that is serious about growth.

    -- Yannick Khayati

  • Probably *the* best book on GTM out there at the moment

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Very well structured and written by someone who clearly knows what she's writing about. The best aspects of the book in my opinion are:1). The way that concepts are explained using visual graphics which are clear and quick to understand2). Practical frameworks which the reader can adapt quickly to their situation.Highly recommended.

    -- ADSlondon

  • The Best Playbook for any Founder

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    It's an excellent playbook. Maja has provided a fantastic approach to implementing a GTM strategy in this book, packed with theory, practice, examples, and visualizations to grasp the entire process. This is an ideal book for any startup founder. However, it is a must-have book for any marketer working with startups because Maja is sharing the fundamentals, which is extremely crucial.

    -- Ruben Lozano

  • A must-read for founders looking for a step-by-step guide to finding product-market fit

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This book is an absolute must-read for anyone looking to get product-market fit. It's packed with invaluable and actionable information that will save you months of detours and unnecessary errors.The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and will guide you in achieving the desired PMF.And the best part? It's a super enjoyable read! You won't be able to put it down, as every page contains something that will significantly help you.

    -- Flor Graham

  • Must-read for every CMO!

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    A comprehensive guide to various GTM strategies, depending on product, business model, venture type or market maturity. Not an easy evening reading - it requires solid understanding of digital marketing operations. The book is embracing and building on classics like "crossing the chasm", "lean start-up" and other important works. The structure of the book makes it demanding, but an active reader will be rewarded with hands-on guidance for effective GTM planning with performing marketing operations.

    -- Sebastian

  • Great toolkit for tehnical founders

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Great dump of information for all Tehnical founders that do not have time to read 15 books and be left confused with overwhelming information. This book gets straight to the point and helps you create actional plan for succsfull GTM. Highly recommended!

    -- Miha Simonovski

  • An Indispensable Guide for Product Marketers

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step framework for finding the right market fit, the holy grail for any new product. Maja recognises that finding your true market is difficult; iterations and pivots are often needed along the way. Leveraging her lean, validated learning process gives product marketing teams the best possible start. For those seeking to establish an effective go-to-market strategy, truly understand their customers, and nail their product-market fit, this carefully designed book is simply a must-read. I give this book my highest recommendation.

    -- Albert Nemet

  • Must read

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This book is essential for anyone who wants to launch their own service or product, as well this book will perfectly help those who are in the startup ecosystem or want to make project launches in their company successful. Highly recommended

    -- Lalabuy9948

  • Excellent guide

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Maja 100% knows her stuff. So many books like this look at it through the lens of applying to already super-established businesses. But this is written in a way that makes it invaluable to startups and earlier stage companies taking something to market for the first time. Excellent book for startup founders and marketers.

    -- Mike

  • Condensed Knowledge from the best books about Product Marketing

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    This is designed for bootstrapped companies/products, making it practical and concise.The author understood that the target readers wouldn’t have the luxury of time to delve into a lengthy book.It also references several bestsellers, like ‘Crossing the Chasm,’ providing key insights without the need for readers to go through these books before launching their products.

    -- Frederik Vosberg

Wes Bush

CEO and Founder of ProductLed

“This book is a must-read for any founder who doesn't want to take the long, meandering road to finding product-market fit.”

Sean Ellis

Author of bestseller Hacking Growth

”Maja's book is the best guide that I've seen for getting to product-market fit, and without PMF, sustainable growth is impossible.”

Dr. Else van der Berg

Product Expert at Value Rebels

”She teaches what matters most: focus and simplicity. Maja Voje helps correct course with hand-picked and battle-tested frameworks created for pre-PMF or bootstrapped companies, accompanied by critical information on when to apply which.”

Sara Stojanovski

Senior Product Manager at Glofox

”Maja Voje's 'GTM Strategist' redefines success playbooks, blending practical, actionable advice with insights from industry leaders. Its fresh take on Europe's market landscape offers more than strategies; it's a mentorship guiding founders to excel in GTM. A must-read, offering real substance over fluff.”

Ben Williams


”Maja's guide simplifies go-to-market strategy, making it actionable for all, from startups to enterprises. It offers clear frameworks and real examples, centered around a 6-step canvas, making GTM pragmatic and accessible.”

Robert Kaminski

Partner at Fletch

”Go-to-market strategy and finding product-market fit tends to be a 'black box', especially for founders. Maja's approach of tapping into experts across the dimensions of GTM aims to remove the uncertainty of what good GTM strategy looks like — and makes this book a must read for founders, marketings, and product teams.”

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    Who am I and why can you trust me?

    Advisor & Mentor (+400 inc. Fortune 500 companies) 🧭

    About the author

    Maja Voje spent 11 years in growth and marketing, working with companies like Google, Rocket Internet, Bayer, and Heineken, along with more than 350 startups.

    A common issue these startups faced was that most go-to-market advice came from the context of enterprise companies and wasn't suited for them.

    That's why Maja decided to write this book - to finally offer a clear methodology for finding product-market fit, even if you're a small, scrappy startup.

    Photo of Maja Voje
    On a mission to help 10,000 teams to cross the chasm.
    Featuring growth experts from these top companies

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Who is this for?

    All of the concepts have been battle-tested by more than 150 companies. My approach was tested with founders, developers, product managers, UX and design experts, and growth and marketing professionals. They all found actionable advice in it.

    Will the GTM method work for me?

    All of the concepts have been battle-tested by more than 400+ companies. My approach was tested with founders, developers, product managers, UX and design experts, and growth and marketing professionals. They all found actionable advice in it.

    Is this methodology the best fit for every company?

    The book is was initially written for B2B SaaS, product and service companies. Readers from service industries and e-commerce liked it too, but most examples in the book are centered on B2B.

    How can I apply this to my business?

    We developed step by step guidance, templates, checklist and community where you can find more guidance and support- what is best - you will never be alone on this journey.

    Where can I get physical book?

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